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Material Witness:

An Encounter with the Shroud of Turin
and the Sudarium of Oviedo

The Shroud of Turin has captivated the imagination of Christians since appearing in Europe in the 1300s. The mysterious image of the man on the cloth has defied explanation despite scientific examination. Controversy surrounds the radiocarbon test that dated the cloth to the Middle Ages. As a result, the Shroud is off-limits to further testing.

But according to John 20:7, there were two cloths in the tomb. The other was the cloth that had been wrapped around Jesus’ head. Does the cathedral in Oviedo, Spain have that cloth? Is there any evidence connecting it with the Shroud of Turin? If so, what implications does the Sudarium have for the authenticity of the Shroud?

This two-hour presentation features a full-sized, museum-quality replica of the Shroud. Audience members are invited to come examine the image up-close. 



July 18, 2023, 6:30

Tactical Faith, Birmingham, AL

200 Missionary Ridge Dr, Birmingham, AL 35242

Part of a lecture series for students only.


GraceLife Church, Pineville, NC

CrossPointe Church, Bothell, WA

Raleigh Avenue Baptist Church, Birmingham, AL

Holy Trinity Orthodox Cathedral, Birmingham, AL

Ringgold Baptist Church, Ringgold, GA

Ecola Bible College, Canon Beach, OR (2022)

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